Connect Education Centres

These unique centres support local Nursery and Primary schools within Lukomera and more recently in Gulu. 

Connect Education Centres support the work of Nursery and Primary schools by providing much needed resources and giving innovative booster lessons in Maths, English and Literacy. In addition they support teacher training within the partner schools both directly and by partnering with charity READ for Life.

  • a unique and innovative concept
  • developing a reading culture in young, local children
  • encouraging the fun of learning by offering access to books, educational toys and activities
  • provides vital support to local nursery and primary schools for pupils aged 3-14
  • includes a well-resourced library, a Maths and an English classroom
  • staffed with well qualified teachers
  • offers regular, booster English and Maths lessons.These help pupils pass vital exams to continue to secondary school
  • supports a Special Needs unit in Lukomera with dedicated materials and teaching
  • directly benefits over 5,000 children locally through the 2 centres.
  • indirectly benefits 1,000s more children through teacher training.
  • provides a much needed ‘bridge’ to enable pupils to make the difficult jump from primary to secondary school
  • even if the child’s nursery or primary school is under-resourced and poorly staffed, it does not mean that the child needs to be penalised and held back from making progress.

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