Lock down - perspectives from Uganda part 2

Elspeth Dugdale | May 30, 2020

Lock down - perspectives from Uganda part 2
Waiting for food help in Gulu

In 'Lock down - perspectives from Uganda part 2' we ask Dan his take on what life is like in Gulu, northern Uganda. Dan & Jody are our key teacher training partners (READ for Life) operating out of the Connect Education Centre in Gulu. We also have a short video describing the food support and distribution that we are privileged to be able to help with.



The Ugandan style lock down is one that you will probably won't hear about too much. With the President locking the country down before we registered our first case of Covid-19 and with the speed it was implemented (as little as 45 mins warning was given upon the rules becoming effective), it is little wonder after 8 weeks that the Ugandan people are feeling the pinch. In such a ‘hand to mouth’ society, the pinch started being felt after only after three or four days and unfortunately, but naturally, it was the widows, the elderly, single mums and the unemployed who suffered the earliest. After 8 weeks with no government relief, a massive percentage of the population is now in the same boat. 


It has been great to see the church so involved in the relief effort. To be able to pray with people as we meet their physical need is Christianity at work in its purest form. The whole situation is shocking, world over, but at the same time it is a time for the church to show the love of Jesus to the world and BLOOM!

The situation is rapidly becoming worse in Gulu, with literally thousands of people going hungry. Your donations are enabling ServeDirect to support 600 family food packages every month - that's over 6 tonnes of maize flour and 3 tonnes of beans each month alone!

Please take time to click here to watch the short (less than 2 mins) film from Gulu that shows the food distribution work that ServeDirect is supporting through Dan and his friend Kent Nolley. And please continue to donate using the Virgin Money Giving button at the top of this page - many thanks!